Getting Started With Source Water Protection

To use the source water cost benefit tool, you will need to first identify a specific source water protection project to analyze. Some standard operating procedures for reducing threats to water supplies have been identified, and are known as Best Management Practices or BMPs. These are not an exhaustive list of possible project options that may be undertaken, but are a good place to start when thinking about potential projects.

There are a multitude of solutions and best management practices. Use the tool below to identify common BMPs. These should only be considered as a starting point. We encourage you to research additional solutions that may be more appropriate and cost effective for your site specific need. To browse all the BMPs, click here.

There are many technical, social and policy issues associated with source water protection. These are not covered currently on this site. To gain a better understanding of these issues, use the links provided below in the New To Source Water Protection Area.


If you are looking for basic information on source water protection, we suggest you start at:

Most states have conducted source water assessments (commonly referred to as SWAP's). These assessments are great starting point for the identifying sources of concern in your watershed. Your state or primacy agency can direct you in finding a SWAP for your watershed.


If you know the class of contaminants of concern, select from the list below to identify possible sources of concern. You may select more than one by holding down the CTRL or Shift keys.


If you know the sources of concern, use the tool below to identify possible BMPs or other solutions. You may select more than one by holding down the CTRL or Shift keys.